Andrea De Tomasi – November, 2012 – “Absolutely a great place with great people”

I super suggest this place!! Very professional and also if there is a real problem not depending from them they find the way to please the customers. Absolutely a great place with great people.


Michael Klinske – November, 2012 – “That’s what I call service!”

WOW! Tried to get my laptop fixed at a competitor, told me they’d get to it in a couple of weeks. Next morning I took it to Laptop Repair, and BAM, 4 hours later they called to tell me my computer was fixed. That’s what I call service!


Lisa Nicholaides –  October, 2012 – “The staff went out of their way”

I needed software to protect my computer and the staff went out of their way to do the research and find the best fit for me. They installed it and turned it around very quickly. I will be back in the future with all my computer needs.


Colin McCann – June, 2012 – “Magic goblins managed to fix my laptop”

Was about 5 minutes from putting my broken laptop up for parts on eBay. Called Laptop Repair Denver and they said to bring it over. Apparently some magic goblins managed to fix my laptop on the drive down, because they called me the next day to tell me it was working fine. Obviously incredulous (I had tested it before driving it down there), I headed out and much to my amazement, was greeted with a fully functioning laptop. They claimed that my charger was bad, and since they didn’t have to do much “diagnostics” other than trying a different one, gave me a new charger in exchange for the diagnostic fee I had already paid. You could say I’m happy with the service.


WP Ski Bum ‎ – Oct 15, 2011 – “We Can’t Find that kind of service in the mountains”

My Acer net book’s power supply died. Its a throw away computer but the data I needed and fast. They took good care of me, nice friendly people, and quick service. We can’t find that kind of service up in the mountains. Thanks for all your help!!!!


John & Cassie – Centennial Location – March 17, 2011 – “the service we have gotten from Laptop Repair Denver was top rate”

Every contact we had with the staff was professional, friendly, and responsive. We worked mainly with Justin and our interaction with him was top-rate. He was informative and explained our problems and worked through them with us. He was also very patient with my frequent queries. Our laptop was in the shop for just about a week. Normally this would seem long to me, but our machine had multiple problems that I had been unable to fix myself, so I think we got it back as quickly as was possible – and faster than the estimates I had gotten from two other PC shops. The problems have been totally resolved and the PC is operating as if it were new. We have had no follow-on issues whatsoever. We have had the opportunity to work with a large number of PC support persons with the various jobs that we have had and Justin ranks at the top of the list in terms of competence and ease to work with. We feel that the service we have gotten from Laptop Repair Denver was top rate and have recommended you to a number of our friends that have been having PC problems. Thank you very much for the good work.


Danny T – Centennial – March 16, 2011 – “Polite & helpful”

The staff here is very polite, very helpful and the technicians did a fantastic job. I have already recommended Laptop Repair Denver to other friends!


Kelly D – Centennial, CO – March 10, 2010 – “Your company is absolutely outstanding”

Our laptops are much better than before due to some excellent suggestions by the technicians! I would refer anyone at any time, in fact I already have! We struggled with laptop problems for years, dealing with one particularly prominent company for repairs that were not only technically poor, but bordering on fraudulent in taking money and not following through. Your company is absolutely outstanding!


Sean  – Denver, CO – 09/30/10 – “a fraction of the price

I purchased a DELL XPS from Best Buy and within several months the hard drive crashed. Best Buy refused to fix it unless I paid their Geek Squad big bucks. I took my laptop to Laptop Repair Denver and was able to get the hard drive replaced for a fraction of the price that Geek Squad wanted to charge me. The staff was extremely friendly and the services rendered were very affordable which is why can’t understand why other reviews say the prices are high when in fact they are very reasonable. Thanks!!!!‎


Orville – Lakewood, CO – 9/15/10 – “honest and professional”

The staff at Laptop Repair Denver were very helpful to me.  They were honest and professional. I highly recommend them.


Brian – Denver, CO – 09/08/10 – “That’s Convenience”

Two weeks ago, I brought in my Dell Inspiron E1505 (circa 2006) because my CD/DVD burner wasn’t working and my LCD “lid” was loose. The guys quoted and charged me a respectable price to replace the CD/DVD burner and quoted me a reasonable price to fix my LCD lid, which I’ll eventually do. They replaced my burner as soon as I dropped it off so I was able to pick it the same day. That’s convenience. Bottom line: I would take my laptop back there for any repairs without question and would recommend this place to friends/family needing laptop work.‎


Leah – Highlands Ranch, CO – 5/18/2010 – Affordable Mac Repair & diagnostic

I took my Mac in and got a free diagnostic at Laptop Repair Denver. They looked it over and said I needed a new battery and charging cord. I picked it up without having to pay a dime.  I would definitely recommend these guys and will use them in the future if my laptop has other issues. I had already taken it to the Apple store who offered to take it to their repair place for $240 to see what was wrong.


Leslie – Golden, CO – 5/4/2010 – Fast & Affordable Screen Repair

I shattered my laptop screen and needed it fixed asap because I’m a student. I took it to Best Buy to get a quote and at the price they quoted me it would’ve been cheaper to buy a new computer. I saw an ad for Laptop Repair Denver though and took it in there. They fixed it for half the price, and in half an hour! It was small and friendly, with great service, and really good prices. I was a priority to them, and they’ve won my business for life. Thank you Laptop Repair Denver!!! I recommend this company to EVERYONE!


Rima – Littleton, CO – 5/3/2010 – Quick Diagnostics & reasonable prices

I was having issues with my laptop for a while and they quickly diagnosed the problem fixed it and had it back to me in days with a very reasonable price. Glad I went there because I was almost at the point of buying a new laptop altogether.‎

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