Hard Drive Recovery, File Recovery, Picture Recovery, Data Transfer

For many people the most valuable part of any computer is the files, pictures, and other data that is stored on the hard drive. We understand that losing your valuable files, pictures, and data can be traumatic, which is why we have several data recovery options.

In approximately 95% of all data loss situations we are able to perform our standard data recovery. We can do the this for computers with a wide range of problems even if you do not want to repair the broken computer.

Laptop Repair knows that your documents and photos are always priority, that is why both File Recovery and Picture Recovery are included in our Hardrive Recovery process. We will restore those precious files and memories.

In some cases such as deleted files or corrupt partitions we may need to perform an advanced data recovery to help you get your important files, data, and pictures back.

In rare cases there may a type of hard drive failure that requires the skill of a data recovery specialist and an ISO certified cleanroom (preferably Class 5).. In those instances we may refer you to our preferred specialist to help you get your data back. We do recommend bringing failed hard drives to us first as we can perform simpler data recoveries much more cost effectively than a data recovery specialist.

In the case of you purchasing a new Hard Drive or entirely new computer Laptop Repair can also perform a Data Transfer that way you can take your photos, documents and any other info that you would like to bring with you to your knew system.

For Data Recovery or Data Transfer give us a call or stop by either of our convenient locations in Centennial or Castle Rock today!