Screen Repair and Replacement

Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement by the pros!

When you need screen repair or replacement it is not always obvious. You could have a single line through your screen, an obviously cracked or damaged screen, a cluster of dead pixels, flash in and out, or your screen could be completely black.

Furthermore, the screen repair that is needed may involve a cable that needs to be reattached, repaired, or replaced. Other times, replacement of the entire LCD or OLED panel is required.

Under those circumstances, you may not need a screen replacement, it could easily be repaired. If your screen has a tear in its top coat/film, but no other damage to the panel we can repair that with UV-cured, optically clear adhesive with little to no trace that it was ever damaged or that your screen was cracked.

Laptop in need of Screen Repair or Replacement

We can repair or replace the screen on any device!

Because of the variety of devices, our techs perform screen repair and screen replacement on all laptops, tablets, and phones. In addition, we perform all repairs locally at our Locations. Our knowledgeable techs will help you decide whether your device is worth repair or replacement.

To this end, we repair and replace all screens including LED, LCD, OLED, etc. In addition to screen repair and replacement, Laptop Repair also fixes hinges, stripped screws, broken computer cases, keyboards, touchpads, power buttons, and many other hardware components.

To find out if you need replacement or repair give us a call or stop by one of our locations for a diagnostic.

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