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We are Colorado's premier family-owned computer and cell phone repair experts supporting families, businesses, and schools through excellent, quick service and pricing and responsible recycling.
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When a laptop, cell phone, or desktop computer requires repair, there is no time to lose. These digital devices are our connection to work, family, friends, information, and entertainment.

Laptop Repair Denver is a local, family-owned business, therefore we treat both customers and our staff of computer repair technicians like family. Laptop Repair Denver is the source for getting your computer or mobile phone repaired and above all your connection to the world restored.

Our team of repair technicians prides itself on providing the utmost in responsive service and undeniably good communication. When you drop off a phone or computer for repair, we know you want status updates. You want it returned to you in working condition ASAP. That is our goal with every customer transaction and every repair includes a 30-day guarantee.

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We can tell when your laptop, mobile phone, or computer can be saved. Our team represents the best geeks in the business! If we can save you money and time, we will! Additionally, if your computer or laptop cannot be saved, we can recover your documents, photos, and data and save them to a flash drive for easy transfer to a new computer.

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Call us at 303-706-9444. Or use the Request a Quote form here. If a diagnostic test is needed to determine the source of the problem, we will give you a call straightaway or text you immediately with a quote when it is complete. No work is done without your approval e.g. we work for you.

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